All our stubby holders are made of high quality Neoprene (wetsuit) material and are 100% printed and manufactured in our factory in Adelaide, South Australia.

They are available in range of sizes to accommodate different sized cans and bottles.


Our standard stubby coolers are made to fit 375 ml cans and bottles perfectly. The seams are joined with high-strength glue and heat seal tape to provide a clean, neat finish with a rubber, non-slip base.


The deluxe stubby holders are double stitched, the seams have a heat seal tape and are overlocked on the top and bottom to provide a clean, professional finish.

Long Neck

The long neck stubbys are ideal for 750 ml beverages. They have a zip right up to the neck of the stubby providing full insulation to keep your beverage cold for long. The seams have a strong zig-zag stitch. It can also be used for wine bottles which is great for going to a BYO restaurant.

Skinny Stubby Holder


Similar to standard stubbys, our cruiser stubby holders are a perfect fit for slim bottles of 330ml and 275 ml beverages.

Wine glass

Same specs as standard stubby coolers, they are perfect for Wine Glasses

iced coffee

Sip in your favourite Iced Coffee or Chocolate milk, specially made to fit in the 600 ml milk carton.